Halcyon the new lamp printed in 3D by Gantri

 Halcyon is a table lamp developed by Joe Parker for the Gantri design platform. Joe Parker is a young product designer. Recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University of England. His work is characterized by the desire to produce quality objects with a meticulous focus and care in small details. With a background in carpentry, Joe’s designs combine contemporary production processes with minimalist aesthetics and an honest approach to craftsmanship.

The Halcyon luminaire can be defined as a contemporary light with mid-century Danish influences

A table lamp whose aesthetics allow it to adapt perfectly in urban and modern environments. The screen can change position, so the user can choose the direction of the light according to their needs. Halcyon has a great base that in addition to offering stability to the product, performs the function of containing small objects or accessories on the desk.


A product that is characterized by its multifunctionality, and versatility both in its use and in its aesthetics. With a very nice touch thanks to its finishes and the care of the details. The base has softly bent edges that transmit continuity and lightness to the product. Its functional versatility makes Halcyon an excellent choice for studios, lofts and small spaces. Able to integrate in environments with great decorative layout.

Gantri is a brand that works under the principles of 3D printing. Developing exclusive products with low environmental impact. Giving a true meaning to “good design”. Through simple forms that improve the functionality of both the production of the different elements that make up its design, and how to interact with users. The Halcyon lamp is made of translucent PLA plastic for the screen and opaque on the rest of the product.