Han, the first collaboration between the Catalan studio Goula / Figuera and Faro

by | 19 June 2017 | product

Han is the first product that the Goula / Figuera design studio has developed for the Faro company. A young design studio from Barcelona composed Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figueras. His career has already been recognized with different nominations and awards, among which stand out: Lexus Design Award, Design Plus, Injuve Award, etc.


In the last edition of Milan Design Week, the company Faro presented Han. A product that performs the luminaire and hanger function. The product suitable for any entrance, hall, etc.

Han is the result of the first commission between Faro and the Goula / Figuera studio. “When we were asked to design a wall lamp which at the same time had to be a coat hanger, the first thing we thought was that it was going to be complicated to find a balanced design which would integrate nicely the two elements, but at the end, we are very happy with the result.” the designers declare.


With its design, Han becomes a cozy product for the user and its environment

Han is a warm and indirect light fixture that incorporates four hangers to give the product more functionality. A product of purely geometric lines and visually very light that provides a soft and suggestive lighting for any hall.


Its multifunctionality creates a very versatile product in terms of its use. Although from the beginning Han was designed for habitat. The truth is that its use can be extended to the retail sector. Está Manufactured in steel and diffuser of methacrylate, and available in two colors, black and white. So that users can choose the color that best suits their space.


Han is a very simple product in terms of its shape, but able to meet different needs of our day to day habitat. Each of its components are designed taking care of the aesthetic details. And its warm and dim lighting creates an ideal environment for any reception.


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