Handisports Headquarters, is it an office or a playground?

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When Serrano + Baquero were commissioned to design Handisports Headquarters in late 2014, they thought it would be interesting to reflect the company’s mission in their main office. So they decided to host the program and classrooms in a kind of playfield space of 80sqm in Granada, in a way that Handisports could develop its activity of managing and providing sports services to handicapped people and people at risk of social exclusion in a much funnier way.

In Handisports Headquarters, the main space is designed as a playfield, so working is conceived as a game

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When designing Handisports Headquarters, the architects responded to the client demand by offering a playing field where they could manage, train and also host some sport activities that normally would be performed in other places. They also developed some game instructions for the use of the main space, establishing a set of tactics and rules to manage the playing field depending on the different activities. This way, working becomes another game in a space conceived to be transformed depending on requirements, days and times of use.

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In a space with black vinyl sport ground and no coatings except the original building elements, different white lines were drawn on the floor to define various activities. Mobile translucent curtains were suspended from the ceiling to divide the space and also allow some light to enter, in a way that an interesting shadow game is produced. This way Handisports Headquarters is perceived as a dynamic and active space, so workers and clients enjoy their time there.

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Photography: Serrano + Baquero