Hangover Bar, a temporary bar for a music festival

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Ignition Festival is “an intergalactic encounter to celebrate music, architecture and nature” celebrated in an old abandoned homestead in Penafiel – Portugal. In the 2015 edition of this festival Hangover bar was built, materializating Nuno’s Pimenta idea of having all its infrastructures auto-constructed and perfectly in tune with nature.

Hangover Bar, hanging around a temporary bar  

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With the condition of being light and transparent as well as visible and festive at the same time, Hangover Bar was built over an old pre-existing stone water tank. As it was perfectly located and had the appropriate proportions for the bar (only 4m x4m x3,3m), the architect decided to use its heavy appearance adding some light elements which seem to be hanging over it. These elements are basically pre-fabricated and cheap materials, like OSB panels, fiberglass corrugated sheets and used steel-props. To keep its openness and transparency only its functional core is closed with four tables that can also be used outside. 

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This duality of lightness and heaviness is also present depending on the light. During the day hours, Hangover Bar seems transparent and it is melted with nature, creating light nuances and colorful shadows. But during the night, it is visible in the darkness of the venue, raising brilliant on the path between the main and the secondary stage of the festival. So, Hangover Bar is the pleasant hanging place which also convinces people that they should stop and have a drink in it, despite the possible following hangover. It seems to us it’s worth it.

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HANGOVER BAR_NunoPimenta_Jose-Campos (5)

Photography: Nuno Pimenta and José Campos