Haus Fontanella, the house that rises between pines and spruce

Haus-Fontanella-more-with-less-01Named Haus Fontanella, the house is built by the Austrian studio Bernardo Bader Architects in a town in western Austria.
The base of the house is built with concrete and is sunk in the slope while the upper part presents a materiality of pine clad with panels of carved firs of random sizes.
According to the architect, the use of wood was similar to what it would have been years ago: simple, firsthand and rough, explaining how the fir was delivered from the sawmill and then installed on the walls in exactly the same condition.


The architect combined in Haus Fontanella the traditional and modern construction techniques to build a house that resembles the construction of the typical Walser buildings.Haus-Fontanella-more-with-less-07Haus-Fontanella-more-with-less-05

The randomness of increasingly large windows that the house presents generate an exciting facade game and an intimate atmosphere inside, with framed views selected to the outside.

The house consists of three floors, plus an attic hidden under the sloping roof.

Haus-Fontanella-more-with-less-14The main living and dining areas can be found in the middle floor, which open onto a terrace, while three bedrooms and a study are located in the upper part of Haus Fontanella.

A sauna and storage area occupy the basement floor partially sunken in the hillside.
The inner materiality of Haus Fontanella is wood, specifically it is silver spruce wood.Haus-Fontanella-more-with-less-06The upper floor is instead made with drywall.

Most of the furniture is also made of wood and therefore the house has a material uniformity only interrupted by the important piece of the fireplace, element that together with a geothermal pump, give heat to the whole project located in such a cold climate.

Photography: Archive Architects