Filling the holes with bricks, Herschel Supply Shanghai

Amid the noise and clamour of the residential area in Shanghai, you can find now the new office Herschel Supply Shanghai; the Canadian brand trusted with the study Linehouse their first office in China.

Herschel Supply is an over-known Canadian brand that designs and distributes retro backpacks and assorted accessories. Thanks to their awesome acceptance and growth, they recently expanded their operation centre to the Asian market, opening an office in Shanghai, China.herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-3 herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-4 herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-5 herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-6 The offices take the place where lots of residential buildings are being destructed and reconstructed. The guiding thread for the proposal is centered in the reconstruction process of the public and private space, given that it is found in an old residential structure, where the demolished houses uncover different material layers.

herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-7 herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-8 herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-9

The project is defined by a big black metal structure that the architects insert. This structure contains the resting area, kitchen, reunions, bathrooms, and storage; while the surrounding area is dedicated to being the workplace, with a glass that divides for different programs and allows transparency.

The spaces between innovation and tradition for the Herschel Supply Shanghai office, are filled with recycled bricks, creating a dialogue between the existent and the invader.

In the process of revealing the original structure, some of the original parts of it are exposed and show concrete walls and ceiling beams.




The metal black structure is in line with the stainless steel pleated sheet, perforated and solid, that allows being opened or closed depending on the privacy.

When you access the Herschel Supply Shanghai space, part of this black structure leaves a mark on the facade and the left space is filled with recycled bricks. A big pivoting door in raw metal is opened through the interior, living the divisions blurry

herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-1 herschel-supply-shanghai-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-linehouse-design-layers-2

Photographies made by Jonathan Leijonhufvud