HEY House by nDLK Architects


The recently completed residence HEY House in Hibarigaoka-Harnayashiki, Japan is situated on a site that was home to many big mansions. During the World War, those very sites were split up accomodate numerous small house and mansions. These old mansions would typically have tall walls, while the small houses would have low walls.


As houses’ footprint was maximised to accomodate for gardens, it was quickly realised that gardens weren’t in fact that useful as the house did not have enough privacy.



 HEY House is a minimalist residence that features large walls to ensure privacy for its inhabitants



Considering these factors, the clients wanted to ensure that they would have enough privacy and ample natural lighting in the interior spaces. In order to cater to this, nLDK Architects reconsidered the relation that exists between the wall, garden and proposed courthouse in the HEY House.


The resulting design for HEY House features a minimalised footprint with a larger garden space. Furthermore, the resulting walls are as tall as the larger mansions. The decision of having tall walls ensures privacy for the residents and allows the residence to seamlessly integrate within its surrounding of big mansions.