Hide and Seek by React Architects

Located on the island of Paros, Greece, is the minimalist residential project, Hide and Seek by React Architects. The purpose of this project was to design two adjacent houses with views of the Aegean and Kolymphithres Bay in the island of Paros. The plot extends along an east-west axis. The views are directed towards the north and its intense north winds, which persists even during the summertime. While these winds can be intense, they are beneficial during the hot summer days.

The houses are placed along the east-west axis on the eastern side of the plot so as to gain a full view of the Aegean and the Kolymphithres Bay. An outdoor corridor defines their common space while connecting the northern terraces and swimming pool area with the southern side of the dwellings, with it’s carefully dispersed olive trees. The houses which are developed along either side of the corridor, act like mirror-like planes within the composition. Each house is well defined by a seemingly un-interrupted whitewashed wall which follows a meander-like path. Lower profile stone walls lay tucked in-between these two white ribbons, creating a dialogue between the indoors and outdoors.

Hide and Seek is a unique residential project that creates a playful dialogue between its interior and exterior

The result of this is a game of “hide and seek” among the inhabitants, the surroundings and the various spaces of the building. The rigid yet gentle compositions of the walls, make a bold statement against the Parian landscape. The openings on the walls as well make room for pergolas, which are carefully placed in a position to protect the house from the intense sun and northern winds, while providing all their benefits at the same time.

Further to this, there is a serene closure that provided through the landscape architecture: an artificial mound that is rich with native plants that protect the eastern limit of the plot, along with a series of trees that defines its perimeter. The embodiment of these traits makes this a house with a strong identity and unique footprint on the landscape.

All the photos belong to George Messaritakis.