Hideaway Bin, redesign of the domestic use bins

Hideaway Bin is a bin designed by Studio Tolvanen. This studio, with the headquarters in the Lauttasaari Island in Helsinki, is formed by Julie and Mika Tolvanen. Julie is an American designer and Mike a Finnish one. Together, they founded the studio in 2015. They design objects for domestic use, as for contract for huge brands. They believe in a design that starts from the function, together with the individual character.



In this case, it is presented Hideaway Bin. This is a multifunctional bin, that can be used in so many different ways. Mainly, for its aspect we can interpret that it’s only for the trash. But it can be also used as a laundry basket, or to store another objects.


The peculiarity of Hideaway Bin, mainly it’s the aesthetic. Most of us are used to know the typical bin, but this is presented in a more soft and elegant, clean and simple shape. This is also because the bag of the trash it’s hidden inside. So, it’s not seen from outside. Keeping the cleaning before everything.



In Hideaway Bin it’s shown again, how the function can be related to the aesthetics, and make from an object of common use, to a more pleasant aspect and function


On the other hand, it’s important to highlight that once it’s open, the cover on the inner part has an intelligent clip to leave it on a side of the bin. So, in this way, during the use, the hands are free and the user doesn’t get dirty or feels a little bit annoying. Having this way both of the hands free for the use.



The main idea that was taken to make Hideaway Bin, was to move away from the ordinary garbage can. They wanted to make a design that could be used for different practical functions. The main material is plastic ABS. Tough and easy to clean when it’s used. It’s presented in different colours, to recycle and combine also better with the space, if it’s not used for the trash.



In Hideaway Bin it’s found a lot of the aspects that Studio Tolvanen defines. With its development of a common product, that everybody uses, but improving the experience of this one. But without being very complicated. Keeping it at the same time simple, self-explanatory and without attracting a lot the attention. Making its function, without bothering the user.