Hierarchy and Line Up, two objects that show and save space without lose the functionality

Hierarchy and Line up are two designs developed by the Norwegian designer Stine Aas. She is a furniture and spacial designer based in Bergen. She exposed her collection at the Salone Satellite in Milano 2017. Between this there was this two vessels.

First of all, Line Up is a flower vase made of coloured crystal. The peculiar fact is that you can see the roots of the flower. They are not hidden. This makes that the important is not only the flower, but all the structure. The form and the width that presents it occupies little space and it can be collocated as a book. As its name says, it can be aligned.

Hierarchy are little stackable containers. This creates new forms when they are stacked. It is used to storage little things that are somewhere in home or in the office and that they don’t have any place to save them. As could be the sewing tools, the jewelry that you wear everyday,… Objects that need to be in a easy acces to be used and catched. This name, that means things ranked one above other, follows an established order to be easily stackable.

The simplicity of the names, Line Up and Hierarchy, implies the complementary use that have apart from being a vase or a container, respectively

As Line Up as Hierarchy, they storage some objects in concrete, with different connotations and with its enchantment. Is curious the naturalness that the flowers are seen and adapted in Line Up. The change of the colour that creates on the flower creates a contrast and peculiar harmony. This is what the crystal allows to do, see through it, with the natural forms that creates its formation.

Hierarchy has more than one recipient and more than one set of stackable containers. It can be placed and used in a lot of places and in different ways. The peculiar form that has, with this different levels and depths, are visually pleasant. Creates the emotion of save the little belongings without any problem and total security that they won’t be damaged.

The photographies of all the products of Stine Aas were made by Johanne Karlstud.