High House by Delordinaire


Located on a snowy hillside in Quebec, Canada is the minimalist, stark-white private residence High House by France-based architects, Delordinaire. The private residence features a pitched form that is offset by series of structural supports that creates a protected ground floor.


As the name ‘High House’ suggests, this chalet residence aims to explore the various limits between the interior and its relation to the exterior, to serve an isolated abode that allows the residents to immerse themselves within the beautiful, snowy surroundings.  High House runs on a highly energy efficient system, with a main access from beneath the structure; accessible via a staircase.


High House presents an unique and minimalist take on the private chalet, that beautifully stands out within its surroundings


As one enters the High House, the cozy space is wrapped with a warm wooden interior, that protects it from the various exterior elements. As the chalet is elevated by structural supports, the exterior facades features various large windows that offers uninterrupted views of the surroundings, including an extensive view of Mont Saint Anne- from the living room area.


The clean, stark exterior and volume of High House, allows the residence to stand out against it context. Furthermore, the use of minimal and all-white materials, allow it to almost become camouflaged in the snow, during winter.