“Hipercuriosidad” as a new way to learn

Hipercuriosidad is Raül Garcia‘s final degree project. He has studied bachelor of multidisciplinary design in ESDI, Sabadell.


What brought Raül to develop Hipercuriosidad was the enthusiasm to learn extracurricular content and self-develop as a designer. The project was conceived as he started questioning the contents of the university programs.

That is when Raül decided to make a general solution based on the problem of not getting enough information from his program at the university.


Awarded with a Bronze Laus in 2016, Hipercuriosidad has travelled to Montreal and Toronto where it has been exhibited. Even if it is still a prototype of the real methodology, Raül is working to see his project published and put into practice one day. Hipercuriosidad means hyper curiosity in English.


“Hipercuriosidad describes the perfect attitude of the designers. Observant, romantic and ambitious people.”



The project is a compilation of words used in the creative world in an extra-university level. Students, find themselves being part of a huge mass of commercial agents instead of creative minds. Actual study programs as Bologna process in European countries has cut the wings to those who wanted to explore and gain knowledge beyond the strict content in University education. The education system is so far a range of contents established by political and economic sectors that lead to a restriction of the knowledge.



The publication of Hipercuriosidad is presented as an encyclopedia. The designer has used academic aesthetics for the layout of the publication, using sober colours, black and white, and traditional typographies for the body text.

In order to break the formality on the appearance, Raül has used hand written typography to add information and quotes. The project is presented inside a box where it is written Hipercuriosidad in serif typography on a white background. This simple and clean design gives a perfect resolution for the overall appearance of the project between a sober and fresh look.


Students in any kind of education, therefore, should impose themselves to go beyond the compulsory and institutionalized content. Even if this education doesn’t have any relevance in the curriculum, students should invest time in knowledge and be curious about their surroundings.