Hipocórtex and Toqe, final degree in design projects from ELISAVA

Hipocórtex and Toqe are two final projects made by students of ELISAVA (Barcelona). This two projects are mainly centered in how the technology and the social media influence our society, the environmental and the creation of new tools for our daily life.



Hipocórtex is a project made by Carlos Salas Muñozcano, with the help of Jéssica Fernández and Laura Benítez as a mentors. His main idea was that ‘EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DISCONNECT’. In this case, it is presented a future scenario. Where in this dystopia the human being are connected, by means of implants and nanorobotics added to the body, to our smartphone.



In Hipocórtex, it is thought that the engineering will evolve, talking about biometrics, and in the society, the transhumanism. So, it is presented in a far future this problem. Based especially in the differents ancient rituals from different cultures. In this way, the subjects could escape from the reality and disconnect its senses. The production of this it would be using SLA and SLS (monomers and dust particles).



In Hipocórtex and Toqe are presented new scenarios. With differents points of view and technological uses, they have a futuristic quality function and aesthetic



On the other hand, Toqe it is more presented in a present time, but more for a shorter future. This is a wearable for people hyper connected to the instant messaging. This was designed by Dani Guixà. It’s based on the new technologies, and the irrational use that the humans give to that. In the communication, there is the synthesize of the language. Fact that at the same time, causes to lose the importance of the emotions and feelings.  



Based on the technology that gives SensingTex, Dani started to get interested for the haptic (touch sciente). The main and most interesting thing of this, is that they are very fast to read, they can be added to the daily life, and the touch is one of the best ways to transmit the human emotion. Relating in this way, the haptic with the instant messaging. But in this case, it is generated a new communication code.



Toqe works with Bluetooth. It’s based of two devices, the arm-bracelet and the bracelet. They work in this way, the first one as the issuer, and the second one as receiver. It also works by vibrations. The finality of this, is to generate a new young community to establish an haptic code.

Finally, the main point is to generate some viable proposals for a future or a near future very likely. To have in mind that this can and must be changed, by new applications and functions to solve this problems.