Make your holiday a design adventure

by | 6 December 2015 | events, product


Holiday is supposed to be fun! A lot of fun! It should be a place where you meet new people, share your adventure, draw maps of unstepped wonders. I have been incredibly excited to see how in recent years, the terminology of “holiday” has started drawing a new, not yet seen line. I call it “holiday with a purpose”. With the growing trend of sole travellers, this seemed like a perfect new philosophy. Holidays started having not only meaning and not only added value to the “things you should learn before you die”, but also became a great opportunity to meet like-minded. There is no more a question you hear from your friends  “are you sure you want to travel alone?” as well as “how are you gonna survive in that jungle?”. Travelling with like minded means you will only have the right questions in the right moments as well as the best answers within a second. An adventure worth taking. And this time it is a design adventure I will tell you about.


Design_adventure_05Because the best journey is the one that includes adventure and design.

Designers On Holiday (DOH) is an annual design adventure hosted by design studio Featuring-Featuring. DOH invites designers from different disciplines, continents, age groups to share and build a domestic design camp. Whilst in the camp you will not only build tents, outdoor showers, one man sauna, but also will learn ( and I would definitely underline that ) how to make bread, soaps, natural paint pigments and other essential designer magic tools. DOH acts like a hub for creative activities for all shapes and sizes. You do not only build, you also collaborate, share and teach one another tricks of their trade. Could that be any more perfect ?




And so, have you already chosen your next holiday destination? What do you say if we call it a design adventure and meet in the next DOH – I will definitely teach you how to light that fire.


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