Höller House by Innauer-Matt Architekten


The picturesque Bregenzerwald Valley of Western Austria has witnessed the construction of several homes of varying sizes and artistic value. The recent addition of the Höller House by the Austrian team Innauer-Matt Architekten brings a minimalist aesthetic presence to the site.


Located on a steep hill just outside the village centre, the Höller House is a uniquely designed home that will, for topographical reasons, remain as the last house on the northern side. The task for the project, was to implement a home that would be convincing in its simplicity, as well as highlighting the characteristics of its site. To add to this, an additional challenge was presented with the future owner’s request for a private outdoor space.



The Höller House is a hillside abode that features a minimalist sense of aesthetics and blend seamlessly within its surroundings



The front gabled abode has a roof ridge that’s parallel to the hill and resembles the traditional farm buildings of the region, seamlessly blending in with its landscape. The Höller House carefully sits on the hillside and has only two of its three floors visible. The entrance into the house is not immediately recognisable, giving a somewhat unapproachable and private expression from the outside. The inside of the house has several stairs that lead from the double garage, all the way up the hill. On the first floor, the bedrooms feature a terrace towards the south. It is here that the building opens up to its surroundings.


The upper floor of the Höller House consists of the living area that is made of several parts; at the centre is the staircase that also houses a toilet and storage room. Around this exposed concrete core, is the well-lit living and dining area. The outermost shell consists of a small covered terrace that runs all around the house, allowing for seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. A simple screen façade of vertical and horizontal spruce slats enclose the room-height glass panels on the inside, giving the building an overall homogenous aesthetic. This wide spectrum of translucence and transparency allows each space of the house a varying level of privacy, while providing views of the beautiful surroundings.