Home linen for a conceptual change in home

The functionality of furniture makes it a very essential piece of the house. Therefore, renovating the style of our home is increasingly complicated. But, the limitations of our place can be solved with a new concept. As long as we have a sober and minimalist decoration, it will be much easier to change the personality of any space. Lighting and textures can be great allies decorating our home. For this reason, the home linen can reflect the light and contribute sensations thanks to the intensity of the visual impact. The textile company 10xdiez offers a wide variety of products to create a new experience through the textiles from our home.


Sheets are the main element of house linen, since they transmit us more sensations and, also, we interact with them. The materials used in the 10xdiez sheets are designed for greater comfort and durability. For this reason, cotton, polyester or both mixed are good choices in order to have home linen with these characteristics.


The colors and the interaction with the space can help us much more to change our home. Through sheets or white covers, we can add more light to our room. In addition, a neutral colors range improves the rest and they will better come together in the bedroom. By contrast, natural colors such as earthy or beige ranges generate balance and harmony with space.


Finally, it is very important to know what use we make of home linen. So, it is important to know that, for the summer, Pima cotton is a good choice to keep us cool. On the other hand, 100% cotton combined with a duvet cover gives us comfort and softness while keeping us warm.