Hotel Diseño 2016 by Lanza

Hotel Diseño 2016 by Lanza transforms objects from our daily life.

Since 2012, Hotel Diseño is being held as part of the Corredor Cultural Roma-Condesa, in Mexico City. It is a design competition to which creative studios are invited from different disciplines to intervene the rooms of the Hotel Condesa, a representative building of Mexico City.’s architecture and contemporary design.

In 2016, LANZA was invited to the fourth edition. Their proposal for Hotel Diseño reflects on our experience as guests in a hotel room and how to transform it.

For Alessandro Arriendo and Isabel Abascal, founding architects of LANZA, objects that are part of our daily life have the potential to become other things. They identified the sheets and towels as the raw material of an hotel room and their proposal. The sheets, which we use in a horizontal plane, become vertical elements. Hanging, the sets of sheets become walls, they change the dimensions of the room and erase the corners. Towels that we usually see as soft objects become structural elements.

Coiled on the terrace floor, they bring the exterior and the the same level. Coiled under a marble plaque they become a table’s structure. The furniture, the corners, the walls and the floors are no longer hard and they become light and soft elements. Is it the same room, or not? Towels and sheets change the space and bring new textures and materials although they had always been there.

Through a spontaneous and simple design process for their proposal of Hotel Diseño 2016, Alessandro and Isabel, manage to change the experience that we have both of the space of the hotel room and the objects we already know.