House 30×30, a house saved on the wall

House 30×30 is born from the use of the rear service spaces to the stately homes of the Ensanche de Madrid. These spaces will be translated into the minimum parts, but also into an enviable location within the city.


Miguel Ángel Astiz, from the Astiz Arquitectos studio, the reform of the house and the origins correspond to a cellar and the kitchen of one of these traditional houses. House 30×30 has only 35 square meters and in its original state is divided into living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.


In addition to the information on the surface, light and natural ventilation, as well as the lack of storage space and the interiors that solve the sanitation network. This means that the way to occupy the space must change to take advantage of the truth.


House 30×30 dwelling reflects around the minimum dwelling, how in the few square meters, discounting the access corridor, it should house everything necessary for daily life. The conclusion was that in all the activity.

House 30×30 makes available those 30m2 in each room: 30m2 of living room, 30m2 of dining room, 30m2 of bedroom …


In this way, the house becomes coherent with the place, especially with the three balconies that now provide adequate lightness to the entire floor. The large central “void” is surrounded by a “built” edge that houses all the spaces of service: kitchen, cabinets, folding bed, dressing room, shower, bathroom, shelves, curtains and radiators.


A uniform wood paneling in its color runs the entire perimeter to a height of 2.40 meters. From there, the paneled becomes white, melting with the roof to 3.55 meters. This space becomes a secondary level of storage and facilities. The furniture that completes the House 30×30 should be easily displaceable and stackable, to favor the use and versatility of the central empty space.



Photographs by Fernando Alda.