House in Conde de Torrejón


House in Conde de Torrejón is the rehabilitation of a house in the city center in Seville. The project, by the architect Pablo Baruc, is located in a corner plot, with a twenty meters of facade and five meters of depth.


As well as these determinants and the low budget, the customer would like to create a modern and functional house, that join all these characteristic with a creative resources.


The ground floor gives access to the house and include the bedrooms, bathroom and garage. A large hall, with an omnipresent staircase made of wood and metal serve as entrance hall. The common rooms, living-room, kitchen and dining room, are on the first floor. This inversion in the traditional functioning of the house, make the rooms sunnier. House in Conde de Torrejón, is completed with a third level, with a large terrace and small studio.


House in Conde de Torrejón suppose the contemporary use a traditional house, as much at programmatically as material level


The staircase turn into the heart in the House in Conde de Torrejón. Staircase is integrated in all spaces, as much ground floor as first floor. Its closure made in glass, provide lighting at this vertical traffic space, and at the same time allow the house extend and it perceive larger, with the possibility to recognize all original load-bearing walls.


The original structure to load-bearing walls is consolidate with a new metal structure, which works independently form. Both structures are differentiate in the house with a frosted grey painting apply over the new metal structure, the new partition walls are white and the original load-beating wall made in bricks.


About the materials, House in Conde de Torrejón propose the use the traditional materials but with contemporary technical. The use the polished concrete on the ground floor integrate all rooms in the same area. In the first floor, the floor made in a small pieces of natural oak wood in spike form, dignify the spaces. The furniture is design in wood and keep the house’s esthetics. 


Photography by Fernando Alda.