House CR, response to the urbanism of semi-detached houses

House CR is the project made by the dmvA studio for a young Belgian art photographer. The place where this house is located is Zonhoven, Belgium, a rural area that is developed by plots of semi-detached houses along the main roads.


The idea of the client was to create a contemporary home with an integrated work space, which would merge with the rest of the house and allow it to be used as an exhibition space at the same time. Aspects such as flexibility, natural light, privacy and a tight budget, were points of departure for the development of the architecture.


The dmvA study, in addition, had to match the House CR with the existing adjacent house. The new building responds with a homonymous shape to the pre-existence, but reduces the width of the main facade and opts for a totally different materiality.


House CR is an exterior archetype of semi-detached house and at the same time it constructs a contemporary interior, full of light and spatial fluidity


In this way the house could be defined as a ground floor that extends through the plot and is hidden from the outside, illuminating through courtyards; and a volume adjacent to the pre-existence that mimics the level of form with it, thus maintaining the three floors and the gable roof so characteristic of the homes in the area.


The exterior of House CR differs noticeably from the houses in the neighborhood. It is opted for a white and smooth plaster for the exterior facades, thus reinforcing the rotundity of the volume and its archetypal appearance. The gable roof is covered with white tile and the rest of the first floor is landscaped. The lateral facade ends with a double skin, horizontal aluminum bars and boxes of hanging plants.


Inside, House CR offers a visually connected and open space, which interlaces the different rooms surrounding the three courtyards that make up the ground floor. Natural light reaches any corner, sliding down the vertical walls and white roofs.


Photographs by Sergio Pirrone.