House I designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki

house I_8

This small house in Japan was designed for a family by Hiroyuki Shinozaki architect, who called this house “House I”. This architect decided to use a volcanic stone from this location to made the walls. “House I” has a dome over the central living space, from which emerge various nerves through which the force goes to the fundations. In this case these nerves are the partitions inside this house.

house I_2

house I_10

“House I” is only a ground floor, “We designed a house which is enveloped and connected to (its) surroundings” said the architect. Everything inside was designed in an open space connected to the center of this house where is the living area. With this open-plan layout there is a spacious effect that would not have if each room was divided.

house I_8house I_11

house I_5

house I_6

“House I” has small wooden climb ladders lead up to small lofts on top of cupboards. This house is fully illuminated because of various windows that the architects placed strategically, from the inside they can see gardens, fields and laundries in next houses. 

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house I_12
house I
House I photography by Fumihiko Ikemoto