House EAD, a new proposal for flexible housing

casa-ead-house-ead-more-with-less-design-magazine-2House EAD is conceived from the beginning with the maximum of sustainability. It has been designed by Bojaus studio, based in Spain and the USA.

House EAD, is part of a new type of housing, EAD houses system, which seeks to achieve the maximum flexibility of the space. This The main objective is to get a better adaptation for the different order to get this freedom in the use of the areas,the organization of internal spaces has been very important. A free, open main flor of 80m2 that contains the public parts. Kitchen, dining room and

House EAD, manages to deconstruct architecture and leave it to its users

The design of the ground floor of House EAD, is not divided by partition walls, but  by its furniture and unevenness, that is how the sensation of each room the other hand, on the first floor, there is a yard in charge of dividing the principal room, of the second space of 40m2. This area has a system of mobile partitions, useful to generate from 1 to 3 characteristic of House EAD is the way it has been built. The exterior is completely dissociated from the interior. Inside it is possible to see the solid wood structure, giving a closeness and warmth the contrary, the exterior facades show the concrete that contains the warm wood. In some way, this contradictory relationship between interior and exterior but leaving the natural material seen, shares this idea of flexibility and EAD is a new architecture, base don flexibility and truth, but without leaving aside aesthetic poetics.