House for a Photographer by Studio Razavi


Located in the region of Bretagne, France is the minimalist residence House for a Photographer designed by the French architects, Studio Razavi. The defining concept for this house was commissioned by a photographer as both his summer house and studio, and it was based on developed façade studies that defined a simple and smooth building skin that is varied in height and punctured by various openings.



House for a Photographer features two volumes which are defined as the main living and workspaces, in which both converge to the North corner freeing up as much space as possible on the small lot, and which direct all window openings towards the South and West. The main space is compressed at the entry and releases up towards the landscape. The fan-shaped plan of the House for a Photographer gradually provides more floor area, volume, and light. The second volume is exclusively dedicated to the owner’s studio. All the rooms and bathrooms are therefore reduced to a bare minimum and provide the maximum surface area to all living and workspaces.


House for a Photographer is a two-volume house that features unique perspective experiences


The varying angles of the House for a Photographer offer a series of changing volumetric and perspective experiences as in the south façade showing as a single vertical plane, while all the others are hidden from sight. In a similar way, the open angle on the main corridor defeats natural perspective in order to create an illusion of parallel walls.


house-for-a-photographer-arquitectura-minimalista-more-with-less-7All photos belong to omg photographe.