House for Alex and Mariona. A restoration to heal and generate space.


House for Alex and Mariona is an interior refurbishment and restoration for a little home located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses in Catalonia, Spain. A project commissioned into the hands of Sau Taller d’ Arquitectura.


Alex and Mariona were looking to restore the interior design of their 39m2 home. A very little main floor, that required not only  a spacial reform but also climatic comfort. At the beginning the beams of the concrete ceiling were in a deplorable state, besides lacking in impermeability. Altogether a bad structural maintenance that was causing a low climatic performance.

casa-para-alex-y-mariona-house-for-alex-and-mariona-more-with-less-design-magazine-1In order to solve the technical and structural issues, the roof had to be changed completely for a Pratt structure, that also gives more breathe to the place, by adding 19m2 to the apartment. That is the beginning of the double restoration of House for Alex and Mariona

House for Alex and Mariona is a double improvement, quality and comfort space, technically and visually.


House for Alex and Mariona has an existing community staircase in the north wing, where the bathroom and kitchen can be found. Upstairs, in the attic, the bedroom is located, with a dressing room and a little office. Like a small nest, well provided with light and ventilation through the ceiling. On the other hand in the south wing of the house, there is the dining room and the living room, with a privileged views and natural lighting all day long.


Maybe one of the fundamental objectives of this restoration, is the search for amplitude in space, given its few meters, it is imperative to improve the spatial quality of the place. The architects have open a window, generating new visuals through House for Alex and Mariona. Added to the glazing of the Pratt, in order to get better comfort in every way.

The materiality of the restoration for House for Alex and Mariona, is made with neutral materials giving a very coherence aesthetic. The natural wood and the transparency of the glass combine perfectly, achieving a space of simple and minimalist look, where its users can use every corner to give their most personal touch.

Photos by Adrià Goula.