House Gurrea, a restoration made of memories

casa-gurrea-house-gurrea-restauracion-restoration-sabadell-more-with-less-design-magazine-4House Gurrea is the rehabilitation of a typical family house, located in Sabadell, just 18,6 miles away from Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, Spain. Sauquet Arquitectes, an architecture studio located in town, has carried out a complete reform of this house, using history and architectural local Gurrea restoration consists on leaving as a spatial node,its staircase, without changing in its style. This circulation do not only divides space in a vertical way, separating the ground floor of the first one, but also interrupts the horizontal axis, separating the kitchen from the living, kitchen and living room are designed with a contemporary style, with just the basic furniture, which makes texture and materials take center in the aesthetics of the work. The composition between the smooth and the vaulted ceilings, gives way to light, dosed and used as a key design perfect alignment between the solids and voids of the walls, between structural and compositional elements, and even the furniture, creates a harmonic rhythm, able enough to keep restless the viewer’s eyes, directing his gaze throughout the space.

House Gurrea, its designed with a kind of seesaw effect swinging in time

casa-gurrea-house-gurrea-restauracion-restoration-sabadell-more-with-less-design-magazine-13Moldings and railings remain intact, taking care of the detail that functions as small connectors between the past and present of House Gurrea. The sequence of arcades, show the passage from one space to the next one, and the light is used as a witness of this transition. The relationship with small voids, seems to be an essencial design tool recovering the soul of this house.
casa-gurrea-house-gurrea-restauracion-restoration-sabadell-more-with-less-design-magazine-11On the first floor a volume with a single water cover is adherid, that ends into the yard, passive observer of the home interior activity. House Gurrea, takes advantage of the corners filled with memories, to give life to contemporary architecture.
casa-gurrea-house-gurrea-restauracion-restoration-sabadell-more-with-less-design-magazine-7With a traditional house typology, recognized and recognizable for the architects, is in the knowledge of how these spaces have inhabited, what serves to reconstruct their current use. From a macro to a micro scale, the careful attention to detail, complets the style to this Gurrea is rebuildt with memories as a design resource, corners tell yesyeryear images, which seem to stop for a moment in time. It is essential to recover the tradition and translate it into a contemporary key, to recognize the vestiges of identity for building a genuine and both modern architectural discourse.