House iguana, when tradition becomes timeless

casa-iguana-house-iguana-more-with-less-design-magazine-3House Iguana, is located in Alvarado, at the sorroundings of Veracruz, Mexico. A family dwelling, designed by the local architecture studio, Obra is built in an area of relative natural complexity. It used to be a place with big sand dunes next to the sea. Nowadays it has a very humid climate and strong winds that generates high corrosive consecuences. These qualities have been taken into account in the design process of Casa iguana.

House Iguana is designed to be lived and contemplated at the same time.

casa-iguana-house-iguana-more-with-less-design-magazine-8At a programmatic level, House Iguana is a permanent home, but with a vacational lifestyle. On the ground floor the public areas and service are located. On the other hand, in the first floor are the private functions. Bedrooms and toilets are developed, each one in a different volume. It is a quiet place that has a desacelerated rutine, where recreation and rest can coexist.
casa-iguana-house-iguana-more-with-less-design-magazine-7House Iguana is composed by three separate volumes, these are connected through a bridge, delimited by lattice walls. A constructive system and an architectural language reminiscent of the traditional buildings of the area, reinterpreted in a contemporary style.
Light is a compositional element of paramount importance in the design of House Iguana. Through the lattice, not only provides texture to the wall itself, but draws, and projects dynamic shadows on the rest of them. Subtle differences, that turn the space into a sensitive walk.
Materiality at House Iguana plays a key role. The use of untreated materials undress its expressive truth. The hardness of the concrete, and joists and vaults, contrast with the smoothness of the wall in baked clay and the treatment of white polished cement. All of them are easy to maintain, simple and sincere through time.

House Iguana is a place of great calm and tranquility, where it governs the leisurely pace with wonderful views. A delicate, minimalist and sensitive design. With honest materiality that exposes its architectural truth and recovers the traditional style and crosses it in the beautiful present.
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Photos by Adrian Llaguno.