House in Arenal

This project of rehabilitation, work of the study of Carlos Pedraza, is located in a house in Arenal, emblematic neighborhood of the city of Seville.


The house presents a domestic program in a single plant, which is divided into two distinct areas, such as the daytime zone, which is developed throughout the exterior façade, and the night area that is linked to the inner courtyards presented by the building.


Both areas are separated by an organizer element in wood, which hides the programs that serve some rooms of the house.


The location of this element of service, produces the release of the main living space, generating the union of the living-dining-kitchen and providing a new perspective of this place.


It is in the kitchen where we find a piece that generates a meeting place and activity, the table.


The house in Arenal is organized around an organizing element that separates the day and night zones.


The correct intervention reveals the original construction of the building made of solid brick walls.


In addition, the building had a structure of wood, which has been maintained and respected at all times in the project, reinforcing and restoring those beams that were in poor condition.


Floor, furniture and roof are composed of wood, which is the material that accompanies the whole house in Arenal.


The details and finishes in this project are an important point, since all the installations are integrated with the architecture of the intervention.


The white walls and ceilings provide luminosity and spatiality while giving a renewed image of a space that previously served as a warehouse. In turn, wood provides the warmth required by a program such as housing.



Photography: Fernando Alda