House in Gateira by Camarim Arquitectos

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Ingrained within the portugese terrain of Penela, Portugal, House in Gateira by Camarim Arquitectos aims to presents an abode that seeks a balance between landscape, nature and architecture. House in Gateira was designed for a British couple who sought a second home that offered an escape from their hectic city life of London. House in Gateira aims to interfere as least as possible with the natural landscape, by adopting three connected volumes that are constructed within the terrain.

house-in-gateira-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-minimalista (2)house-in-gateira-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-minimalista (3)House in Gateira is primarily accessed in the upper level of the plot, through a wall that is reminiscent of the region’s traditional architectural slate buildings, which then leads towards the house internal core that is composed of a social communal space that is divided up into two levels. Within this space, the volume of House in Gateira separates and widens up along the topography of the landscape, creating a subtle yet dynamic separation between the social spaces and private spaces, by placing them on a separate level and by providing direct external access.

house-in-gateira-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-minimalista (4)House in Gateira offers an alternative architecture that is efficiently responsive to the internal and external environments

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Extending beyond the concept of a topologically responsive house, House in Gateira also provides efficient energy benefits through the utilization of the earth’s high thermal mass to create an internally balanced environment. The patio space connecting the central living room space and the master bedroom space acquires the role of a passive thermal device that aids in creating a thermal differential between the swimming pool and the patio, which in effect creates a source of ventilation across the house for cooling during spring and summer space, whilst allowing efficient internal insulation in the house during the autumn and winter seasons.

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