House in Kita-Koshigaya by Tamotsu Ito Architecture Office

by | 13 March 2019 | architecture

Japanese architects, Tamotsu Ito and Satoshi Numanoi have recently completed the House in Kita-Koshigaya, a humble family home for a new type of suburban lifestyle in Tokyo, Japan. The project centers around the client’s lifestyle, as they work from home more than 2 days a week. It was, therefore, necessary to include diverse spaces in the house, in order to accommodate their working lifestyle and their numerous hobbies, without increasing the total floor area.


House in Kita-Koshigaya consists of a nine-square grid, which forms the floor plan for the house. When designing the space around this grid, the architects created an open environment without constricting one space to a specific and rigid function. This resulted in spaces becoming hybridized throughout the house. The stairwell was formed as a space for music, while the working areas seamlessly flow through into a reading room.

House in Kita- Koshigaya is a smart reinterpretation of suburban life in Japan

The roof plan of the house is formed at 45 degrees to create a gentle variation of low and high ceilings. The southern light is invited into the living-dining area which integrates large glazed areas. The exposed concrete throughout the interior is constructed as a foundation, which appears similar to the neighbors from the outside, however, the floor levels inside are shifted much closer to the ground, creating a slight level difference from the surrounding windows.

The entrance door of the house includes a two-way opening system. It normally operates as a hinged door, however, it also has a dual function as a large sliding door to connect the entire internal space with the outside.


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