House in Kyotachi, a courtyard to reconcile spaces

casa-en-kyotachi-house-in-kyotachi-more-with-less-design-magazine-1House in Kyotachi is a two-storey family house located in Shiguchi town, Japan. A city of accommodation, where a street crosses by and the grounds are very narrow. The Hearth Architects design team, knowing this complex situation, takes the local culture and the adverse conditions to conciliate this house with its in Kyotachi, is implanted in a narrow, difficult terrain, which has also been located on a peripheral road, surrounded by concrete and poor conditions. That is why its architectural goal is to open up, while maintaining the intimacy of a private

House in Kyotachi, relates indoor and outdoor through nature, a tree that according to  every season provides a different meaning to its architecture.

casa-en-kyotachi-house-in-kyotachi-more-with-less-design-magazine-12This is why the architects decide to recover the yard idea within the southeast of the building. Create an intermediate outdoor area, which works as a connector between the exterior and the interior of the house. House in Kyotachi can be lived in different states, its boundaries function as a meeting deciduous tree is placed inside this patio, which means that it changes its appearance with every season. During summer it provides shade while in the intermediate seasons it changes color and generates a mattress of leaves for  children. In winter, the yard is less interactive and therefore reinforces the warmth of the interiors of Casa en Kyotachi, are designed in warm wood. A design adapted to each room. The material is not treated or obscured, which provides a natural internal environment, almost artisanal. The floors have different textures, and the wood appears designed exclusively for each space, thinking about its use and the entrance of

casa-en-kyotachi-house-in-kyotachi-more-with-less-design-magazine-7The rest of the walls are painted in white, which gives us an image of very balanced architectural minimalism. The floors of the courtyards are of grayish stones, which adds a touch of roughness to the general texture of the in Kyotachi is designed with sensitivity, adapted to the temperature of natural cycles. A zen, minimalist space that offers calm and warmth to its users. With a balanced color palette, where each element has its right measure, the green of nature provides the most vital part of its

Photos by Yamada Masuda