House in Loma Verde by Antonio García Bueno


The design for a single family house always needs to provide energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort for its inhabitants. This is precisely what the renovation of the House in Loma Verde by Antonio García Bueno aims to demonstrate. The existing Granada (Spain) based project was an isolated serial built house in an urbanization of the periphery of the city during the 1980s. It lacked compositional and architectural interest. The construction was surrounded by a very disorganized garden that overshadowed the space of the house.


House In Loma Verde is a unique renovation to an existing abode


With the renovation, the aim was to create clearer, more open and more proportionate spaces. The premises were the starting point proposed by the developer that sought a much greater identification with the house and their way of life and functional needs. In addition to this, and a limiting budget, the intervention in the thermal envelope was proposed to be done by the means of the skin like construction (SATE) that has overall improved the energetic behaviour of the house while eliminating the traditionalist aesthetic references of the original house, resulting in a minimalist, rational and contemporary aesthetic that is more aligned with the developer’s preferences.


The renovation of the house on a functional level has created a large ample space on the ground floor for communal spaces like the kitchen, porch, courtyard, and pool, while the floor houses the bedrooms, dressing rooms and private bedrooms. The choices of materials throughout the house were chosen to reflect durability, functionality, and efficiency.




All the photos belong to José Garrido.