House in Minamimachi 03 by Suppose Design Office


When designing a building for a small architectural site, one can often be faced with problems of legal constraints and requirements, which could greatly influence the final form and interior distribution of floor space of a building. In the case of Japanese architects, Suppose Design Office and their residential project House in Minamimachi 03 in Hiroshima; these qualities became the central driving force for their design.
house-in-minamimachi-more-with-less-architecture-magazine-finest-designIn a typically Japanese modernist execution, house in minamimachi 03 stands restfully amongst other urban residential plots, undertaking an exterior modest form entirely constructed from reinforced concrete. However, contrary to how its exterior can be read, house in minamimachi 03 employs a box-within-a-box

House in Minamimachi 03 makes opportunities out of constraints, resulting in collectively adept and bright living spaces


The exterior of house in minamimachi 03 is a shell separated from the interior spatial masses and floors, that are offset to accommodate for their intended function, as well as the integration of angled lightwells that allow for the further entry of natural lighting and the outside environment. In addition to assuming the role of a privacy barrier, the concrete shell also acts a structural framework for the interior cadre, which is primarily constructed of glass curtain walls and a lightly colored wood interior, that collectively attribute to creating brightly well-lit living spaces.