House in Nagoya, enhancing the relation with nature

House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_15House in Nagoya designed by suppose design office. This vertical House, a trending in Japanese contemporary architecture, is enriched with natural lighting and interior gardens. This house presents different layouts in its interior design and aims to create an equal importance of natural and artificial elements.
House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_09House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_12There is a central aperture connecting the different levels of Haus in Nagoya, not just in terms of mobilisation but also in terms of brightness. And by having such a powerful source like daylight coming from the ceiling, light is distributed through interior apertures, in vertical and horizontal surfaces, allowing communication, movement.

It is enriched with natural lighting and interior gardens

House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_13House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_10The falling light feeds the gardens of House in Nagoya, it enhances its beauty by giving the plants what belongs to them, and these scenarios change while the gardens grow. Gardens that remind the inhabitants how to live together, therefore the interior rooms are always in a visual contact.
House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_05House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_03House_in_nagoya_more_with_less_06House in Nagoya is a game of transparency, light and darkness.