Rehabilitation of a house in Villanueva de Duero


The house in Villanueva de Duero, work of the Arias Garrido Arquitectos studio, is located in Villanueva del Duero, Valladolid and is about the rehabilitation of a house built in the 50s in Spain.

This small building of municipal promotion was built in the 50s as housing for the sheriffs.


It responds to a building typology very common in those postwar years, in promotions carried out by the Ministry of Housing and by the National Housing Institute, particularly in Valladolid.


These are very simple houses with a load bearing system of factory load-bearing walls and brick vaults as cover for the spaces, given the prohibitive use of steel and the reviled use of wood.

The intervention in the house in Villanueva del Duero starts from a very tight budget, forcing the use of materials and low cost solutions that ensure the recovery of the house under the conditions imposed by the current regulations.

The simple original volume of about 60 m2 built, which had two bedrooms, living room and kitchen, is restored, eliminating subsequent extensions, executed in a more modest and in poor condition.

The renovation in the house in Villanueva del Duero seeks to value the qualities of the house, bringing to light the brick vault, maintaining and highlighting the original textures of the interior partitions and rugged outdoor terraces and restoring traditional glory.


The enclosures are lined inside with plywood panels and polycarbonate.


The patio in the house in Villanueva del Duero is solved with the maximum simplicity, by means of an enclosure of concrete block and a floor of pebble and concrete slab.


Description: Arias Garrido Arquitecto

Photography: Rubén Hernández Carretero