LLP House, a wooden box on the ground



casa-llp-house-more-with-less-01This project of the LLP house, is the work of the study of Alventosa and Morell Arquitectes, and is located in Barcelona.
casa-llp-house-more-with-less-10Two sisters asked us to design a bioclimatic house where we can live and live together autonomously on a plot with views of the Collserola mountain range. The terrain was characterized by its high and homogeneous slope (30%).


From the climatic study of the site, we decided on the project strategies to follow to carry out a project where the thermal comfort parameters were equivalent to the passivhaus:

– Compactness

– Capture / Sun protection

– Thermal resistance

– Crossed ventilation


casa-llp-house-more-with-less-08Another relevant issue was the project’s desire not to modify the original terrain too much. This led us to realize two unique retaining walls, parallel to the contour lines, which support a light wooden construction formed by 5 trusses perpendicular to the walls.

The achievements in the LLP house are the possibility of enjoying open and open spaces that frame the Collserola mountain range, the integration with the existing terrain, thermal comfort and the use of healthy and ecological materials.


The trusses organize the different spaces of the house so that each sister has two rooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a terrace related to the main rooms.


The construction, of great compactness and thermal resistance, frames the views located to the south by means of a totally glazed façade which, together with a linear skylight located in the north-facing rooms, acts as a solar collector in the winter periods.


casa-llp-house-more-with-less-16In addition, the solar protections of the windows, the ventilated wooden facade, the use of a vegetal cover of great thermal resistance and high landscape value, and a design that facilitates the cross ventilation have allowed to reduce the demand of heating below the limits of the passivhaus (15 Kwh / m2a). The resulting small demand, 9 Kwh / m2a, is solved by two chimneys (graphical phpp).


casa-llp-house-more-with-less-14Photography: Adrià Goula

Description: Alventosa y Morell Arquitectes