House of Aleix and Mariona, a beam a house

casa-aleix-y-mariona-house-more-with-less-01The project of the House of Aleix and Mariona, the work of the Sau Taller d’Arquitectura studio, is about the interior renovation of a 39 m2 apartment in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.
The roof of the concrete joists was in poor condition and the deck package and cone walls did not guarantee the sealing or the desired climate behavior.

Therefore, the project for the house of Aleix and Mariona is based on the replacement of the complete roof, resolving its structure by means of a single element, a Pratt beam, which supports at the same time, and without overloading the existing slabs, the prefabricated panels of the deck and the loft.

The house for Aleix and Mariona, is based on the incorporation of a single structural element such as the Pratt beam to generate a large living space and full of light.

In this way the entire section is recovered and a new space is gained that will serve as a loft for the house.

When carrying out this intervention, on the northern dividing wall, and under the attic, the existing community staircase, the bathroom and the kitchen are located.
In the loft there is a room and a dressing room / study, pieces that enjoy luminosity and ventilation through the roof. And on the south façade, and at double height, there is the dining room and the living room that have views and light all day.
In addition, to improve the sense of spaciousness of the house of Aleix and Mariona, the visuals have been worked through the interior spaces by placing glasses on the same Pratt beam, on the other hand a new window has been located with the aim of improving views.
In terms of materiality, and in order not to overload the space, the most neutral elements are used, such as wood and glass.
The ultimate goal is to create a non-contaminated space, and that the users themselves, Aleix and Mariona, give personality to the place.

Photography: Adriá Goula