House PS3H, the complexity of simple design.

casa-ps3h-house-ps3h-minimalismo-more-with-less-design.magazine-9House PS3H is a family housing project located in the port of Guidboda, Sweden. In just one main floor, it brings together several and minimalist design personalities, orchestrated by Igor Sirotov, an architecture and interior design studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine.
casa-ps3h-house-ps3h-minimalismo-more-with-less-design.magazine-2House PS3H, is developed on a single floor, a 200 m2 rectangle. A closed shape that apparently represents the opposite in the inner distribution. An open internal space that houses an open area with living and dining room with a large window to the garage.
This design strategy, in addition to providing light to the whole set, it integrates interior and exterior, a space where the limit of the walls is virtualized. Something similar happens with the rest of the rooms, all of them with large windows that flood their interiors with light.


Casa PS3H is a succession of open and closed spaces, communicated through light and White color.

House PS3H, is a space that opens and closes, marking a rhythm of rooms along a corridor. It is, in some way, the opposite of a convention that closed spaces can not, in any way, be open ones.
casa-ps3h-house-ps3h-minimalismo-more-with-less-design.magazine-3The white and pale gray color completely dominates the palette in the decoration of House P53H. In this way it emphasizes the minimalistic look of the place, and relates and unites its rooms. In addition to the finishes in light wood, which bring just warmth to the whole set of interior design.
There is a dialogue in all rooms of House PS3H, the project works as a single space, although it is subdivided. The spaces could be interchangeable, since their openness and spatial quality are maintained throughout the project.
casa-ps3h-house-ps3h-minimalismo-more-with-less-design.magazine-10The entire design of House PS3H is coordinated by the studio of Igor Sirotov, although he has invited different designers to collaborate. The kitchen space was designed by Valcucine, and the bathroom by Nic Design, CEA Design and Agape. The lighting design by Davide Groppi and furniture by Paola Lenti and Kristalia.
casa-ps3h-house-ps3h-minimalismo-more-with-less-design.magazine-8In some way, the merit of House PS3H design, lies in the merge of the different of visions, carried out perfectly by the studio. A minimalist result, where each intervention matches with that of the partner, making a simple and harmonious project.
casa-ps3h-house-ps3h-minimalismo-more-with-less-design.magazine-11Images by Igor Sirotov.