House with two courtyards in the historic center of Seville

casa-con-dos-patios-house-with-two-courtyards-more-with-less-34The architects Inmaculada González and Harald Schönegger are responsible for this project for a house with two courtyards in the historic center of Seville.
casa-con-dos-patios-house-with-two-courtyards-more-with-less-01Within the narrow and ancient plot of the city of Seville is carried out the reform of this old Andalusian house.


Between the irregular dividing walls in an old neighborhood, with narrow streets, an old and abandoned house is rehabilitated. This house includes an original first division with some precarious additions that were randomly attached later.



The house is organized around two courtyards full of deciduous vegetation, so that cross ventilation is allowed, they also cool the atmosphere and introduce the tones of all the seasons into the interior of the house.



In contrast to the current situation of the house with two courtyards and with the aim of giving a program of a single family home, the reading of the historical fragment is understood through maintenance of a first part rehabilitation, plus the addition of a new one. In addition, volumes are ordered for the sole containment of air and light.


The house with two courtyards aims to include some of the green spaces that were lost in the surroundings of the city; therefore, it is conceived as a container that contains trees and plants covering the roofs, terraces and patios with vegetation at different levels.


At the same time, the history, the green areas present and outdoors merge into an open and unified domestic habitat. For this purpose, the first interior wall is diluted with a long structural beam that supports the original wooden floor, in addition the smooth and transparent walls blur the boundaries create new courtyards.

The alternation of empty and simple spaces, with a double north-south facade allows cross ventilation and sunlight, which are almost absent in the historic center.


Together with an architecture that pretends to be friendly and sustainable, the biological evolution of the deciduous plants filters and tempers the local climate, introducing the tones of all seasons in the interior of the house.




Finally, the ornamental element of the house is the staircase, which is replaced to generate a new piece in almost monumental corten steel that gives dynamism to the space of full and empty cubes.



Photography: Fernando Alda