House Zeist by Bedaux de Brouwer Architects


Situated on the edge of a village in a natural surrounding where the forest meets the heathland is the residential project, House Zeist by Bedaux de Brouwer Architects. The distinctive features of the house include a raised patio and living area, with large overhanging roofs and huge, generous panoramic windows. House Zeist features a finished inside with an exposed concrete exterior. The straight lines and subtle details characterise the house and its designs.


The seamless connection with its natural surroundings paired with a simple yet striking  design is what makes the House Zeist a unique house


The living area of the House Zeist is raised above a forest floor, which gives the aesthetic of a pavilion and feels somewhat like a lookout post. The back of the house runs into the patio, which overlooks the heath. Large glass panels and sliding doors at the back of the House Zeist provide views of the surrounding countryside. Furthermore, the front of the house features rooms that are more enclosed, providing a safe and cosy atmosphere. The living area and patio is accessible via a concrete path and a stairway located on the outside. A concrete walls guides the visitor to the front door of the house, which is sheltered by a very thin steel canopy.



The main structure of House Zeist consists of an inner and outer concrete shells, that are poured on site, and which require careful detailing and coordination. The aluminium panorama façades are cleanly finished, and are merged unobtrusively into the walls and floors. The mullions have been minimised the maximum entry of natural lighting into the house. This results in seamless connection between the inner and outer spaces. An added aluminium louvres permits privacy for the users, when desired. The minimalist raw concrete gives the House Zeist a very pure and simple aesthetic, which is contrasted with the refined detailing of the frames and louvres.