Hudson, a conceptual union between graphic and product design

Hudson, containers collection designed by Shane Goldberg. Born in the United Kingdom, he was graduated on the Industrial and Product Design Master by Sheffield Hallam University. His constant work has led him to acquire experience in graphic, packaging and digital design areas. His abilities and knowledge have been improving since then, thanks also to a contact with the branding companies Flourish and Design Bridge. Shane is actually working at Pearlfisher, where he works as a 3D designer, turning structural concepts into reality.

Shane feels really comfortable when working with close business, always keeping in mind the results and the final users. His knowledge in all that concern the areas of 2D and 3D design makes him a versatile and multifunctional creative, able of covering total projects. And that’s how Hudson was born, combining the experience of conceptualizing products and developing brand identities together.

Hudson is a Brand of containers, quotidian and simple. The shapes don’t have a unique function, blurring frontiers to the consumer.

A project based on a personal briefing, trying to push out his own limits. Shane creates a Brand and his own line of products in order to prove and pole his creative abilities. Experimenting with the concepts of the fields he is working, graphic design and branding. The whole collections are based on basic shapes, to whom we are used to seeing in 2D, giving them a certain and distinguishing personality.

The containers have been produced in ABS plastic. Their concept is about not limiting their use, having a whole modular and stackable collection. It is led to the client imagination the final use, desk tidy’s, eating or drinking vessels, vases… Generating the possibility of playing and interacting with them.

Hudson’s packaging also matches its genuine aesthetic. Maintaining the same vibrant colors. In order to differentiate between containers the packaging is designed with a distinguishing color, and the basic planimetry also. The logo was created in the same way, making reference to the visual aesthetic of the vessels, unifying all the concepts.