Hurdle, a new furniture trend

Hurdle, a collection of furniture developed by the design studio located in Melbourne, Australia: Dowel Jones. This young studio was founded in 2013 by Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch. With their projects, these two designers seek to simplify the objects taking them to their essence. At the same time they minimize the materials and their production.


The beginnings of this collection go back to 2015. When they presented the Half Hurdle chair, designed for the Australian restaurant Broadsheet. This chair was designed under the concept of stackable chair for any type of occasion. And it perfectly represents the philosophy of study: an object of our daily life, taken to its pure essence. For its development, the designers were inspired by the chairs used by tennis referees. Using a simple tubular structure and plywood for the seat.


Hurdle is a collection of seats of minimalist character and strong personality


Years later, the Dowel Jones studio developed a stool for the same restaurant with the same aesthetic used for the chair. This new furniture concept was a success. For this reason, the studio developed a whole range of furniture under this concept of “simplifying the product”.


The Full Hurdle high chair is similar to the Full Hurdle chair. Its design provides more height to the user and its use is focused for residential and commercial areas.

Half Hurdle Bench is the latest addition to the family. It is a bank designed for two people. For their development, they lengthened horizontally the Hurdle chair that they took as a base for the rest of the designs.

Another of its novelties is the design of Sir Burly Stool. A stool that continues with the same aesthetic as the rest of the collection, but in this case has fattened the tubular base of the product.


All products in the collection are made of powder coated steel and solid wood seat. The products of the Hurdle family are available in different colors to provide greater versatility.