Hushed Writing, structure as argument

Hushed Writing is part of the plastic work of the Valencian designer Pepe Gimeno. Graphic designer, typographer and artist, Pepe Gimeno’s studio has developed an important number of projects, such as the creation of the symbol of the Valencian Community or of the Valencian Courts; or the corporate identity of companies such as Metro Valencia or Roca Company. The studio has also been awarded the Typeface Design Award, for its FFPepe typography.


The experimental project of Hushed Writing arises from research on the laws of visual perception. To structure the space, to obtain the adequate weight, to generate visual interest and to direct the look, are some of the characteristics looked for in the plastic work of this author. The raw material to create these compositions are waste materials found on the beach.


Hushed Writing, created during 2002 and 2003, arises with the intention of answering two questions that become the main themes of the project: What happens when we apply the contemporary graphic culture in primitive conditions? That is, when we do not have any technology and we have only the materials of the environment. And on the other hand: Is it possible to separate the content of the form, until the graphic structure of the book becomes the argument itself?


Hushed Writing is a book in which there is not a single word, in which the verbal reading is eliminated. It is only possible to make a graphic reading that exposes the formal structure.


The action of separating the content and the form within the “book” format, applies to the writing, the sign and other systems of representation such as geometry, musical language or painting. In this way the six chapters that compose the book are configured. The structures represented are based on the author’s memory, that is, they have no scientific rigor.


Hushed Writing: to say without speaking, to narrate without writing, to transmit without codes, to understand without signs


The project is made entirely with materials found on the beach such as vegetable and marine remains, plastics, glass, butts, pieces of bricks and stones. These remains become messages full of expression and enormous poetic force.


In addition to the book, Hushed Writing was exhibited at various centers such as the Type Directors Club in New York in 2015, the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago and the Spanish Cultural Center for Latin American Cooperation in Miami in 2016.


The exhibition shows, on the one hand, the work of Hushed Writing as a book-object and on the other hand, it allows to see the 113 original formats, of 70x100cm on rigid support, framed in two by two suggesting the double pages of the book. This way you have a double look: one as a sequential and ordered reading; And another as a direct observation of the work, a detailed look at the objects that compose it.


Hushed Writing is for Pepe Gimeno a more personal work than formal and that, conceptually, is placed between the experimental graphic and the artistic work.