Identity of Things, a series of objects to imagine and explore

Tessa Geuze, an industrial design student at the University of Lund (Sweden). She has developed her final project focusing on the relationship between users and products. Creating “Identity of Things” a project that encourages users to explore products and create emotional links with them. The project is being exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Week. As a candidate for Ung Svensk Form. (Prize of design that is granted to young people who carry out their activity in Sweden).


For the development of Identity of Things, the designer Tessa Geuze investigated the emotional correlations.  About the way people interact with products today. Affirming that we surround ourselves with products that we do not care about.

Identity of Things, encourages users to give another approach to products. Where the imagination and the sensations prevails before the preestablished uses


The result of the research are a series of products that do not oblige, but invite the user to participate. Objects whose names are already a declaration of intent: “Almost a hair dryer”, “It is not an iron” and “Almost a shower”.


With the development of Identity of things, the designer wants us to ask about the usability of the products. Demonstrating that with imagination the functionality of objects can be changing. Why can not we use a hair dryer as a heater? Or do popcorn with a metal that visually looks like an iron?  And if I want to make a fried egg, why is its use going to be incorrect?

Products less visually defined that invite people to interact with them. Develop your imagination and establish relationships with objects. It is then at this point that objects become much more valuable to us.