IKEA HACKA, a new modular frame system for creative people.

In 2013, IKEA started a project called “Concept Kitchen 2025” together with IDEO, Lund University School of Industrial Design and Eindhoven University of Technology, to explore how the kitchen of the future might look like. The students were asked to explore our behaviours around food and cooking – and envision the future kitchen built for those needs.



One of the most obvious and growing trends that the Lund University students Linus Hagberg, Philipp Süssmann and Niklas Papen recognised was that people want to modify products to make them their own. People increasingly want to make their own solutions by hacking IKEA modular systems.

HACKA, a new modular frame system


IKEA HACKA is the future kitchen that bridges the gap between the hacking movement and the modular systems of today. Its flexibility helps people to create their own solutions, and makes it easy for them to “hack” it to suit their unique needs and style. The concept was exhibited at #IKEAtemporary in Milan.

Hacka_more_with_less_06 Hacka_more_with_less_03

The final concept is a frame system, consisting of standard sized wooden beams and metal joints, which function as the main structure for kitchen appliances such as cabinets, surfaces and fittings. Due to the systems flexiblity and possiblity of hacking, it allows for custom sizes, making it possible to cater for different needs in any environment.


Hacka_more_with_less_20 Hacka_more_with_less_19 Hacka_more_with_less_18 Hacka_more_with_less_17 Hacka_more_with_less_16 Hacka_more_with_less_15

These concept kitchens were designed to serve as inspiration for what you can build with the “IKEA HACKA” system.

Estos conceptos de cocinas fueron diseñados para inspirar y que la gente pueda ver que se puede construir con el sistema “IKEA HACKA”

Hacka_more_with_less_02 Hacka_more_with_less_05

After defining the brief and design opportunity they started ideating and prototyping. An interplay between quick drawings and cardboard mockups defined their process. Lots of trial and error along the way brought them to many new and different solutions.


Hacka_more_with_less_14 Hacka_more_with_less_13 Hacka_more_with_less_12 Hacka_more_with_less_11