IKI, an up-cycling lamp project

IKI_more_with_less_01Whenever we think about a luminaire, we imagine it in our homes. IKI is a good example of a lamp you imagine having right next to you. Benjamin Rubertus during his second semester of the Master of architectural lighting design created IKI “the fruit of thorough maximum reduction of material, components and manufacturing effort.” Simplicity in the design and a calmness feeling are IKI´s outstanding characteristics.

IKI_more_with_less_05Recycled materials where the first aim to achieve when the projects was presented in the light and technology class in the University of Wismar, but beyond this IKI was conceived to use as minimum energy as possible, enhancing the small effort for mass-production. Further more IKI´s materials are used according to their attributes allowing the easy assembly of them. 

IKI_more_with_less_03IKI_more_with_less_02 IKI´s materials are used according to their attributes allowing the easy assembly of them

IKI_more_with_less_04The components of IKI are a stamped folded metal sheet as the wall-base of the lamp, a 1mm PVC sheet covered with a textil in one of its surfaces to diffuse the light, a rubber band to hold the base and the shade together and a warm white LED bulb. Therefore IKI creates a cozy ambiance by the emitted light and its sutil appearance in the room.

IKI_more_with_less_08IKI is a product that considered several details in the design process, which as result brought not only a luminaire but also a conscious way of production; that if its think further it could generate possibilities of handmade work with the reuse of recycled materials.
IKI_more_with_less_07 IKI_more_with_less_09 IKI_more_with_less_06