ILES, a multifunctional furniture set

by | 25 October 2017 | product, slider, Students projects

ILES is a set of furniture designed by Kamila Potocka, Karolina Koryniowska and Maja Górowska. This is a project made in the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław, Poland. The initial approach, as it could be appreciated, is the organization of spaces together with the furniture.

In detail, ILES is thought to the Millennial generation. This group has been analyzed and has been drawn conclusions to make the suitable furniture for them. But also could be used for people who live in little spaces to distribute better the space and make it useful. Concentrate the maximum of the functions in a furniture it was the point.

The minimalism is the initial approach of this system. Originally the concept is removed from “islands” to each furniture. The configuration it’s expanded from the center of the room, dividing this way the room in different spaces with differents functions. The set has been designed to build spaces using lines, flats and blocks.

ILES tries to cover the maximum of the necessities with the minimum space and the maximum performance of its forms

The graphic form has been emphasized for the use of the black colour. A neutral color that allows to combine it easily with another kind of furniture with a lot of spaces. This is made from powder coated steel pipe and raw CDF plank produced originally in black.

Another of the important materials of ILES is the buckwheat groat. The material which fills the pillows and combined with resin of epoxide create a unique material which is used in the worktop of the kitchen and for the decorative taps in the end of the steel pipe.

In the end, the innovaiton of the materials and forms of ILES create another concept of furniture that goes further than the conventional and the known. A furniture predisposed in the center of the room, instead of on the walls? New concept, new challenge.

Photos: Kamila Potocka, Karolina Koryniowska, Maja Górowska


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