In our office, alternatives office furniture

In our Office is a project made by students of Lund University, togheter with the Danish brand Hay for this collection of 12 pieces that the idea is being produced as a furniture range of office that investigate the new possibilities of little spaces, as work areas for young creative people or freelance that work in their houses and have little rooms on it.

In our office, an installation with 12 projects shown in Milan Design Week 2016, that redefines the little workspaces nowadays.

This exploration of the students of first year of Industrial design, directed by the invited teacher Stefan Diez, with Rolf Hay of the brand Hay, have found some alternative ways in the space of work, and have shown it to the world as an installation with the name In our Office, in this edition of Milan Design Week 2016.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-16BRB – The differents projects of the collection In our Office, treat different issues as in BRB, they start of the new laborable timetables, the new ways of work. The line, that is more and more diffuse, between the work time and the leisure time. Spaces that allow you to work with a team, but also have your own moments of relax.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-09Bunk Desk – However, this project has the objective of being a space set of work. This project observe that the little spaces the people used to be distracted, talking, interact between them, so instead of isolate this, Bunk desk propose two spaces, with dobule height, but at the same time allows this interaction.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-11Umbrella – Work hand in hand with the partner is a big advantage of little spaces, but some times it can be traduced into little privacy or annoying imputs. Umbrella, solves this problem with an unmbrella that makes the function at the same time of a lamp and a divider, with the advantage that can be directed in any direction thanks to his articulated arm.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-15Workaround – The transparency, the diaphanous spaces have been into an indispensable quality for the majority of the spaces, especially if we talk about work areas, they are not concived anymore as cubicle, that separate the workers, that they not allow any relationship between them. Workaround realizes of this fact, and proposes a transparent plastic module, that allows to construct furniture draw from it, as an stool, a shelf or a table. Once constructed the work area, the fact that is not an opaque material, Workaround allows this relations between the workers.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-14Fold – A textile project made with the students of Lund University and the support of the Bergen Academy and Innvik Weaving Mill. This union has developed a multifunctional tissue, auto folding, that allows with the pleating of the fabric a warm atmosphere, cozy and absorbs the unpleasant sounds.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-06Spot On – Every day we sit in front of our desks, we turn on the light of it, and we start to work, every day the same place, every day the same light. But this students realized that depending on the light that enters from the window, we need different kinds of light, or for the differents works that we do. This is the reason why they designed Spot On, a desk that allows you to create your own scene, more cold or more warm, more or less illuminated and at the same time change the direction of this light easily before to start the task.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-01Finder – A furniture of storage and organized with the peculiarity that can be dismantled each of its platter to organize them, bring them to the desk,… But not only this! This organizer can be displaced to bring with you all the documents. Understanding in this way the work area as a mobile space.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-02Zip it! – The work areas have always some kind of noise, some light, some movement, that desconcentrate when you are starting to be concetrated. This is the reason why Zip It is created, that allows you to keep away into a comfortable seat and be away of any kind of noise with walls that have acoustic isulation which protects you of this harmful input to be concentrated. Thanks to its zippers, when you want to be distracted and talk with your partners you can open it total or partially the seat and have a conversation.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-12Babylon – The plants are demostrated to be an important fact to keep the office atmosphere clean, and also they bring life to the work areas. But regularly they wither because their careful get into the oblivion. Babylon proposes a sistem of flowerpot intertwined with a sistem which pouring the water into a funnel all the plants are watered. Facilitating this task, and having with a little gesture, a natural and pure work area.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-05Plug&Play – The architecture predeterminate us where we can work, or where not. We walk arround the area work searching for plugs, and this limitate them. Plug & Play proposes a wiring modular system that allow us to sit everywhere we want with absolut liberty, because we won’t go to any electrical outlet, now them come to us.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-04Coffee Corner – As we know, is equally important the work time as the leisure time and replace energy. What’s better than a good coffee with your partners and have a good conversation with a coffee flavour. Coffee Corner, as a little parasite that adhere to the corners to allow a hidden storage space, and this can become a meeting place so necessary for the coffee time.
more-with-less-magazine-in-our-office-07Deskretary – In the abscence of space has developed this table that has a big depth. When this is not used can be opened when you need to work, having a big table. A little intervention on the legs of the traditional table, as if it was a ping-pong table that can be folded.