Individual Hangar. Good, nice and cheap

GENS, free association of architecture, dedicates its efforts to the in situ innovation of pragmatic solutions that answer to the complexity of the architecture project”. This is how this French collective defines itself on its website, materializing this idea of architecture in projects like Individual Hangar. This house shows that neither restrictions on planning regulations nor lack of budget can stop good architecture.
On the façade that overlooks to the street, Individual Hangar seems introverted, with a blank wall and another setbacked and translucent where the entrance to the garage is located. There, it is possible to notice the strong presence of the grey tile pitched roof, hiding itself through the surrounded buildings. On this side, the house dimension is reduced in order to extend to the other dimension and have more area on the southern façade. This detail and many more are in line with another GENS vision of architecture:

“GENS explores project economy in all its sides in a wide range of fields of intervention: public or private projects, cultural institutions or self-building houses, farming hangars or collective houses.”

The living-room is located on the ground floor of the southern façade, whereas the bed rooms are on the upper floors. This area is well-isolated with a double exterior-interior skin supported by the remaining wood structure between the two skins. Here the interior image is representative of the traditional house: dull wall with holes. All the interior divisions are made of OSB board. The northern façade is a sort of unfinished space used as a storehouse and garage. This space was designed so that in future, once the economy will have improved, the client will be able to add or extend the rooms. The skin is a one layer exterior translucent layer with a more industrial aspect, allowing to see from the exterior the ribs of the skeleton of Individual Hangar. Photography by l. cerveny