Institut Valencià de Cultura, when the architecture conforms the brand

by | 7 April 2017 | Graphic

Nueve is a design and consulting studio specialized in branding, packaging and product. Its main objective is to help its customers achieve differentiation and constant improvement in the market. To do this, they offer creative strategies and design solutions specific to each sector where they work. Thus, they work creating unique brands and products with a high differential value.


In Nueve they investigate the origins and the evolution of the space where they give all the disciplines in which they work throughout the history. This is precisely what they have expressed in the methodology for their latest project: the creation of the new brand image of the Institut Valencià de Cultura, previously called CulturArts.

The Institut Valencià de Cultura has a new image thanks to Nueve Estudio

Starting from the premise that the new Institut Valencià de Cultura covers different cultural areas – such as music, audiovisual, dance or theater – they needed a brand that would contemplate this diversity.

“To make the mark we focus on investigating the traits common to all disciplines represented by the Institut; These are: the stage, the work and the public, “says Nueve Estudios.


They analyzed architectural plans and plants in orthogonal projection of the physical spaces destined to cultural activities: “We realized that the arrangement of the common traits mentioned above drew a form of C”.


The brand of the Institut Valencià de Cultura is made up, on the one hand, of a symbol, the C of Culture and, on the other, the typography with the nomenclature of the Institut. A C as a representation of Culture, activity in which the Institut is centered and that takes its morphology from the space where it was given. A round, black and white mark with clear, direct typography and a secondary color range for the different applications that will be developed in a second phase of the project.

The color symbolizes the diversity of areas, organizations, shows and activities developed by the Institut Valencià de la Cultura. The typography used in the brand is the GT Pressura of the Grilli Type cast iron.

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