Studies on interior design in DSIGNO

Studies on interior design had grown in recent years because it had increased the interest to create more welcoming or avant-garde spaces where design is the key as well as the creation of themed rooms. Studies on interior design are closely related to the architecture, but it’s a specialization that is not easy to find in universities or schools. The separation between architecture and interior design has become more evident, leaving the engineering to the architecture and design to the attention to detail on the interior.

In DSIGNO you can study interior design 100% online, with studies that will forme you to exercise a profession with an university degree in San Jorge University. All the teachers are professionals in their fields and have daily experience to be able to show a knowledge focused on practice. These studies are very focused on learning doing and from the early days lets you know how is the actual work.

The possibility of studying online, from home, makes these studies a good choice for those who want to work on interiors design but may not be allowed to leave their job or do it at the same time as other studies. Through Virtual Campus of DSIGNO students have all the materials they need to focus on their studies and its also featured a continuous contact with the teaching team made up of teachers, tutors and coordinators of the various subjects.

More than 2.000 students have already studied in DSIGNO interested in expanding their knowledge in the world of design, whether it’s in interior design studies with the Master in interior design or in other specific courses, such as the Course on Furniture Design and Ergonomics or the 3D modeling course.